Jan-Leigh Matchett is the founder of JLM Empowerment Coaching for women.  

Jan-Leigh leads women through tailored Empowerment Coaching, Mentoring and Training programs, to transform their results and achievements, to deepen their sense of joy and fulfillment, and to regain their power and inner confidence.

Many women can experience patterns of Self-Doubt (feeling not good enough), People Pleasing (taking care of others’ needs first, and sacrifice oneself to keep the peace), and Busyness (doing and giving lots, yet not feeling valued nor supported). 


These limiting beliefs, behaviours and feelings can erode their self-worth and therefore, prevent women from experiencing Success in areas of life that matter most, eg health, family, business and career.  

Jan-Leigh offers Transformational Empowerment Coaching services, drawing on a wide range of Positive Psychology techniques including Behavioural Profiling for Business, Meditation, Visualisation and Energy Therapy, Health and Self Care Support, Values Breakthrough sessions and Personal Strategic Planning.  

“It’s a passion of mine that all women on this journey become deeply empowered and achieve even greater results, to understand their innate value and have the courage, confidence and fortitude to handle what-ever life brings.” 


Jan-Leigh loves walking on the 'Warby trail', reading all things Personal Development, being with family and studying Wholistic Education for Children. 

"It's Your Story, feel free to hit them with a plot twist at any moment."